Remembrance - 2D Shooter

Features I implemented: 

    1) Created and Drew all Art assets and Animations (except the              Power Button, sound effects, snowball)
    2) Created/coded the bullet/projectile class for the snowball
    3) Incorporated sound and music (from creative common &                   royalty free sites)
    4) Implemented Shooting
    5) Implemented Touch (For Shooting)
    6) Implemented Scoring Mechanism, Label & Win/Lose Conditions
    7) Randomized Enemy Y Position & Incremented Velocity for                 Difficulty
    8) The Game Design

2D Image Transfomations:

 The program takes an input file name, and optionally an output file name
    from the user through the command line. The program then waits for user input
    defined below and, finally, displays the warped image to the screen. 
    If the user specified a write filename the image is then automatically written.
    User Defined Imput Commands:
    't x y'     to translate an image based on the values of x & y
    'r theta'   to rotate the image based on the angle of theta
    's x y'     to scale the image by the values of x & y (cannot be 0)
    'h x y'     to shear the image by the values of x & y
    'n x y'     to twirl the image around an origin based on the values of x & y
    'd'         to stop taking user input and to apply the selected warp(s)


L-System: Dragon and Koch:

A python script for Maya that draws L-System curves and creates a geometry.